About the AHRC Research Network Project

‘The Development of Private International Law in the UK post Brexit’


Professor Paul Beaumont is the Principal Investigator and Dr Mihail Danov of the University of Exeter is the Co-Investigator along with Dr Jayne Holliday as Co-Organiser.

The team are grateful for the support shown for this project by Queen Mary University of London for use of their rooms in Lincoln’s Inn Fields.


This project received an Arts and Humanities Research Council, Research Network Grant.


The major objective of this AHRC Research Network on Private International Law (PIL) is to set out the post-Brexit research agenda in PIL. As part of this process, we aim to promote a meaningful debate about the issues which private parties in disputes with an international element could face in the post-Brexit era. Discussing these issues with expert legal practitioners is critical to providing an appropriate answer to the question how UK PIL should be re-designed post-Brexit with a view to facilitating justice in cross-border cases before the UK courts. This is central to maintaining the attractiveness of the UK courts which is important to the growth of the UK economy, with the legal sector currently generating over £25 billion (a significant proportion of which is based on cross-border cases). The proposed AHRC Research Network will enable us to set up a new research consortium which involves academics (including distinguished experts from Europe and the Commonwealth, judges and expert legal practitioners.

The Network and its workshops will focus on the multi-layered nature of PIL with the potential for different jurisdiction and recognition and enforcement of judgments’ regimes for cases connected with different parts of the UK, the EU/EFTA, the Commonwealth and the rest of the world and for different legal issues arising in each of these geographical spheres (eg civil and commercial; family).

Particular account will be taken of the current Commonwealth model law regimes and of the network of existing global Conventions created by the Hague Conference on Private International Law. The potential for new developments in the Commonwealth and for new Hague Conventions to be part of the new UK PIL landscape will be explored.

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