Workshop IV

The AHRC Research Network workshop on ‘The Development of Private International Law in the UK post Brexit’ in partnership with the Journal of Private International Law.

Please find below a list of the speakers and links to the papers/presentations* that were presented at this workshop on November the 26th and 27th November 2020.

‘Opportunities of Brexit for the development of Private International Law in the Commonwealth’ Professor Reid Mortensen (University of South Queensland)

‘Some Reflections to be drawn from the Pilot Study and Future Research Project/s’ Dr Mihail Danov (University of Exeter)

‘Connecting Factors in Private International Law – a global perspective’ Professor Susanne Goessl (University of Kiel) and Dr Ruth Lamont (University of Manchester)

‘Pluses and minuses of the UK being a party to the Lugano Convention after Brexit’ Professor Fausto Pocar (University of Milan)

‘Resolving Conflicts of Jurisdiction after Brexit at a global level’ Dr Ardavan Arzandeh (University of Bristol and soon to be National University of Singapore)

‘The Hague Adults Convention 2000 and the role of the UK and the EU in the Hague after Brexit’ Professor Pietro Franzina (Catholic University, Milan)

Keynote speech by Lord Mance former UK Supreme Court Judge

‘Private International Law of Arbitration – a global perspective and the impact of Brexit on arbitration in the UK’ Professor Giuditta Cordero-Moss (University of Oslo)

‘The AHRC Research Network on Private International Law: Some reflections on the way ahead for global private international law.’ Professor Paul Beaumont (University of Stirling)

*We are very grateful to the speakers for agreeing to share their papers/presentations online.

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